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Repair OR Replace?

Is your system more than 12 years old? It's likely much less efficient than a new system.

Do you have musty or dry air? Often indicates a poorly operating HVAC system.

Which Refrigerant Does Your System Use?

R-22 refrigerant is being phased out on January 1, 2020. This means it will no longer be produced or imported. The phase-out is timed so that you can replace your system when you choose. If you decide to keep your system, it's important to have it serviced on a regular basis. When more refrigerant is needed, you may be able to find recovered, recycled or reclaimed R-22, although it may be significantly more expensive than refrigerants used in newer systems.

When the time is right for replacement, many high-efficiency air conditioners such as YORK® use newer, more environmentally friendly refrigerants. Replacing your system with a more energy-efficient one may provide significant savings on your utility bills, too.

How Old is Your Existing System?

Older HVAC systems often seem to be working well, but a few considerations can reveal the true cost of dated equipment. Older systems are not as efficient as a newer system –sometimes by as much as 50% less efficient. Over each year, that lower level of efficiency costs homeowners more and more as energy prices rise.

A new system combats rising energy costs by being much more efficient than older systems. These utility savings often offset the cost of a new system to a large degree, especially when considering both the inefficiency and maintenance costs of an older system. Our YORK® furnaces are up to 98% efficient!

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

Consider how often your existing system requires unexpected maintenance. Those visits from your contractor – and air conditioner or furnace replacement parts – can really add up. Repairs may seem cost-effective compared to investing in a brand new system, but over the course of a few years, repairs can result in costs that are higher than a new unit. A new system may seem like a big expense at first, but the amount of money saved in maintenance often shows itself to be worth the investment.

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